23 - 25 October 2024, New Delhi



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Submission of Abstract and Full Papers

We gladly invite both Academic and Industrial community to submit top quality Research papers and Industrial case presentations related to engineering, operations, and management of Engineering assets and Public infrastructures.

This call for Research papers and Industry presentations aims at drawing diverse industry wide and top Research expertise that can stimulate fresh discussions and views, create innovative ideas, and explore smart solutions. The WCEAM-2024 Congress will cover a range of Technical themes that has a direct connection to your passion, professional interest, and expertise. Those areas are of interest to Asset owners, Operators, Producers, Technology developers, Service providers, Public institutions, and the Academic & Research community.


This call for papers intends to draw diverse industry wide expertise that will stimulate fresh discussion. We encourage papers from both research and industry professionals on the following topics and industry streams:

  • Advanced maintenance strategies (RCM, CBM, RBI)
  • Benefits framework for engineering assets
  • Big Data Analytics for Engineering Asset Management (EAM)
  • Building Information Modelling (BIM) for EAM
  • Composites and nano-structures
  • Condition monitoring, diagnostics, and prognostics
  • Condition monitoring, tip-timing, experimental techniques
  • Critical Infrastructure management & resilience
  • Education and training in asset and maintenance management
  • E-Maintenance
  • Emerging technologies & embedded sensors and devices for EAM
  • Engineering asset valuations and financial management
  • Evidence based asset decision support and optimisation
  • Fluid structure interaction
  • Governance and Control of Engineering Assets
  • Health infrastructure management
  • Heritage asset management
  • Human dimensions in EAM
  • International standards for asset management
  • Lifecycle & sustainability considerations of physical assets
  • Machinery and structural dynamics
  • MEMS, smart structures and systems
  • Microturbines
  • Non-linear vibrations
  • Performance measurement and management of service infrastructure
  • Planning and scheduling in asset and maintenance management
  • Policy, regulations, practices and standards for asset management
  • Quality of information and knowledge management for EAM
  • Reliability modelling and prediction
  • Rotor dynamics
  • Safety, health and risk Management in EAM
  • Strategic asset management for sustainable business
  • Structural integrity and health management
  • Technologies for asset data management, warehousing and mining
  • Vehicle dynamics
  • Vibration and waves
  • Vibration in energy and power systems
  • Wave propagation
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